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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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by in its creating problems for drivers for the reunion game at coors. remember you can get real-time traffic information on the situation for information map on the arrest of a cherry creek school bus driver on suspicion of a dui raising a lot of questions and concerns. teachers had smelled alcohol on the drivers breath and yet they allowed him to leave the property. parents seeking answers over a situation that but their children safety at risk. >> i would think airing on the side of caution would be to not allow the children to be driven on the school bus with an impaired driver. >> new details emerging honest story that we first broke last night.
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i'm deborah takahara.{{{{{{{ |y"e*p{{ driver michael hunt for supposed be is first appearance on drug chargea this afternoon.{{{{{{q{{{{{{{{ {{{ what the{{ prosecutorr off guard.{i]r >> this is a case full of t`zurprises. apparently the da was very surprised{v{{o{ who said the judge apparently let them bond out directly from jail in leave here even though he was it.{{{ scheduled to appear this afternoon. school district said no one said this man appeared to be drunk at all yet the deputy said he was highly intoxicated. >> michael{ hobbs was about to leave on his regular bus in middle school when a staffer noticed a smell of alcohol on his breath. >> to air on the safe side she called transportation but his bus was already{ loaded and had taken off. >> i would think{ you would not let the children be allowed to
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driver was impaired. >> they radioed the driver to pull over with 30 kids on board. the bus had artie arrived at its first stop. >> what bothered me the most is that teachers smelled alcohol on the drivers breath yet they let him leave the property. >> are surveillance video on the bus to not show him driving erratically. >> one has to wonder how others made the decision to put those kids on the bus next drop all deputy said hobbs was unable to walk straight, perform simple tasks, smelled alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. hobbs admitted he had a beer at lunch. >> he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and child abuse. >> i think there deftly need to be something looked into that everyone is cleared on what
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keeping those children safe. it is just by looking at they are safe. >> we are looking at our policies and practices to see what we might do different lee and better. >> hobbs also allegedly admitted to police that he was on several medications but stopped short of answering any more questions when they asked if he was on any kind of pain medication. he is now been fired from the district. he will return to court on april 28. dave young, fox 31 denver. >> we have new information tonight in the investigation into the deadly shooting in bailey's that left a sheriff deputy dead and two others injured. the colorado bureau of investigation tweeted out this video of an hour ago that said this -- investigators also reveal the gunman martin werth open fire on the deputies with a 45 caliber rifle rifle that was purchased illegally from a private party in february of 2012.
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martin has been upgraded to fair condition at saint anthony's hospital. >> a rock but -- the sheriff's office says he will be moved out of the intensive care unit. he is become more alert in the last two days and is now able to convey gauge in short conversation. >> a the men involved in a crash last weekend is now facing charges. david martinez facing dui and reckless driving among other driver charges. martinez is due in court on monday. we spoke with the sergeant earlier who hopes the incident
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drivers -- i witnessed him should the shots and i saw the shell casings come out of the assault rifle. it is that vivid i can still see it. the ex-husband of a lakewood woman who is among those injured in the shooting. julie hayden spoke with him today with how they broke the news to the young child of a couple the first thing she got of after the shooting -- debbie darrow didn't know about the shooting until she got a text from her brother and looked on facebook. >> the first thing i thought saw was the post from adams and saying he had been involved. with adam miller, her ex-husband, is the father of her eight -year-old son, on. she called her father former father-in-law.
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father on the phone he started telling me things were okay but then started describing gunshot wounds and that was just a shock. >> miller had been shot four times in debbie knew she had to be the one to tell on about his bed. >> i knew i needed to tell him so i got down on the floor with them and just told him really plain and simple that his dad had been hurt and was in the hospital and that he would be okay. >> the little boy wanted to know how it happened. >> i told him that someone had come in and had a gun and that is that had been shot. >> on status somewhat of a hero. they have a code word to -- miller was trying to help a coworker get out safely, not realizing he was the shooter.
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questions. >> and now we are in the day and age that it seems like every week there is more reports and more shootings. i don't know what the problem is >> debbie says on and is that have been texting back and forth and she says that seems to be cheering up both of them. >> sports authority closing the doors to denver distribution warehouse. this comes just weeks after sports authority miss a multimillion dollar debt payment. >> it is a problem been reported across the country. people use prepaid debit cards suddenly having their accounts frozen after getting their tax refund deposited onto those accounts. one local woman told her story to fox 31 problem solvers joe st. george. >> it was about 20 for hours ago and they were sitting in our life chuck waiting to do our
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and months to share her story. the story has the potential to impact you. if you want and get your tax refund deposited on your prepared that the crowd card. >> for more information on -- it's a card service you may have heard up. green .-dot, the reloadable -- in the beginning when you sign up for it you give your date of birth and social security. she says as soon as the money was deposited her account suddenly froze. no access. >> i'm very frustrated. i have children. the fact that i'm not getting my >> they are so upset that when she saw her life chuck she pulled over to speak with the fox 31 problem solvers. >> it's a lot of money.
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online sarah is not on loan. similar stories reported in houston in michigan. one person writing i have my tax return deposited onto my money card over $8,000 and it was immediately blocked. >> the problem solvers called green .-dot that said they would look into the situation. by midday sarah called us to say her account should be next to normal next week. analyst say because of rapid tax fraud, green .-dot is requiring extra paperwork when large deposits are made. regardless, sarah says be careful. none of this was explained to her when she signed up. >> i just checked in with sarah and she still does not have her money. we are still waiting for an official statement by green .-dot to see what people can do to prevent this. a lot of people reef rely on these tax refunds. >> news impacting your health.
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a marijuana recall of her contamination for the fifth time in less than a week. the latest recall and boils four and 46 batches of medical and recreational pot from adam denver cultivation facility serving two shots, high streak worlds on north federal and back to the garden on south broadway. the lawyer for the owner of the stores, michele tepper, says the state department of agriculture found no violation of the pesticides applicants act and is demanding that an ed dismiss the recall order. >> happy night right now, while people are turning get to coors field battle those traffic problems involving the 23 bridge repairs. others who are already there are enjoying the kickoff of the nhl stadium series. alumni from the colorado avalanche squaring off tonight with alumni from bitter rival the detroit red wings. fox 31 denver's drew ingle bright is live at the stadium. drew? >> 20 years later and it's still one of the greatest rivalries and all of sports. the avalanche and red wings of
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rivals in until last week and they face we've never seen outdoor hockey here at coors field. it has the potential to be a pretty special night here at 20th and blake. the puck is just about to drop. the party has been going on all afternoon here on blake street heard the nhl stadium series is in moto fort 16 outdoor hockey weekend. fans from both the avalanche and red wings flooded the streets here all afternoon and it's hard to say which being the fans are more excited for, saturday's matchup between the current teams, or tonight's alumni face off. >> the competition and the rivalry and the bad blood. i'm guessing it will be pretty laid-back tonight that you never know. they are all pretty competitive but this may be one of the most competitive alumni games. it is going to be fun to watch. >> fans are still piling into coors field in the game's are
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it looks like it is going to be a packed house. row will will have much more on tonight's alumni game coming up later in sports. we will have a full recap on fox 31 denver news at 9:00. until then, life from coors field, drew engelbert, fox 31 news. >> these guys have aged and matured so that might not happen. >> the victim of an alleged crimes says it's likely happening all over again. still ahead tonight, what happened to the evidence in the case and how that's putting the brakes on the investigation. >> first, reunited family heirlooms with the rightful heirs. the more than century-old photo album you may be able to help return to the colorado family whose relatives are featured inside x and i meteorologist dan fraser and we promise you a fantastic friday. i'm not sure he gets much better than today. temperature soaring into the '60s and we are not done.
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it's random act of kindness that is opening windows tear ancestors. >> the mission of caroline archaeology is to return last family documents and heirlooms to the rightful heirs. the company now needs your help. >> we've actually been mentioning his last precious family heirlooms for about 15 years. >> chris hodges and heirlooms archaeologist. he spends his free time locating the rightful owners to lost treasures and family memorabilia that either been found by him or others. >> we have to find them across various channels, we have found them before at antique stores, we find that there are shops. we do have people that do reach out to last becks this item is turns out is a family photograph all of them found in the hillcrest area of san diego. it's a relic from the late 18 hundreds. through research, hodge discovered that the album belongs to the green family of
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>> one of the photographs that we sent to you, this one where it says dad 1908, we typically will look at uniforms. originally we thought this was a police uniform and in the last week of research we have learned that it was actually a military uniform from 1902. >> the album is a minute condition and contain several generations of family photographs. each photos labeled with the name and the year it was taken. >> we do it simply for the fact that we would love that someone that gets an item like this returned will also carry over that random act of kindness and do some been good for someone else. >> hodges returned over 200 items in the last 15 years and does is not charge a penny. >> we feel like these items should get back into the hands of the family that a blast to. >> erika gonzalez, fox 31 denver >> if you have an idea of who the album belongs to, contact heirloom archaeology. you can find a link on our homepage
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printed out pictures? >> now they sit on your computer >> you guys remember black-and-white photos question mark. >> vaguely. it was before my time. >> that was a good chunk of my first photos growing up. >> we delivered today. we don't get to take the weekend off and you are going to love the weekend as well. i want to start quickly using the timesaver traffic. you guywere talking about seen the right on the map where we have the problems. typical friday man but lot and i want to zoom down to coors field and you guys were talking about the work that they were doing on the 20th street bridge. they've done a good job. the traffic cure has drained off but the problem is actually here on park street trying to funnel into the stadium. that is where we are seen congestion. a plea they continued get the problem fixed but based on what
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problem there along the 20th street bridge. two pitchers today are soaring into the 60s for denver. also fort collins and greeley. the mountains are very warm. the only two places stubborn springs at 39. denver is 60 degrees and the way above where we should be. that is your colorado avalanche. we are looking inside coors field and this is the alumni game for the stadium series. there are the trait red wings in their getting ready to drop the puck. it is going to be a gorgeous night. >> 62 degrees downtown and 59 in arvada. >> 52 in the --
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at 41 degrees. what a gorgeous friday evening to sit out. the temperature comparison from 24 hours ago. we are up 10-15 degrees in a lot of places here's a look at the future cast and what happens. clear skies tonight because of the wins out of the west it causes a wave car. the cloud will curl over us and we will see the sun disappear around it for a few hours. that's the only find in the ointment. saturday looks fabulous and sunday even better. look at the temperatures tonight. a few spots in the teens and i think most spots over the eastern plains are in the 30s. highs tomorrow are 40s and 50s in the mountains. remember the sunscreen if you will be skiing.
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the 70s. we will be knocking on the door close to 70 from fort collins, greeley and into denver. i have downtown at 70 degrees. tonight starry skies and a little breezy at 35. the record is 73 from 2006. only far away from tying that. sunday is cooler but we don't have the wind. both days look great. monday we have 60 but monday night rain changing over to snow and tuesday morning and devon jeremy i mentioned a couple inches of accumulation possible. we are keeping a close eye on this for the first day of march. jan that the next three days are looking pretty quiet with 50s in a lot of sunshine for the end of next week. >> humans are finding a lot of help through technology, but how can that same technology help your pet? >> up next, the latest gadgets that the market that do everything from checking your
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away. >> more than 23 million americans struggle with addiction. >> i started off using oxycontin around 20 years old. >> the disease killing a reported 105 million americans a date. >> all next day or week -- the advice for men, women, kids in france fighting it. in an inside look at what many
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all this week we are looking at ways to tech your life. today, it's not soamuch about your life, but your pets like. good day colorado anger kirk yanqui found out that fido is not being ignored in the world
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often dog is left home all day long. the pet cube camera lets you cat while you are way away but it goes even further. >> use your smart phone to talk to your pets or control over interact with your pet when you can't be with your pet. pet cube is $200. >> what about those dogs who often destroy the home while you go to work push mark that is what this is all about. this is called clever pet. it's essentially a simon point for dogs with food rewards. >> clever pet is designed to keep your pets brain taking so the shoes don't get to. >> by giving your dog a job, as ashley a job related to their food, they are marsh mark at ease during the day. >> it starts up a simple, one top of the circle dispenses food and a gets mark obligated as her pet figures it all out. $300 for clever pet. when we finally find a dog to get time to get fido outside,
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fervor teeth. >> you can find your dog wherever they are. >> it's gps tracking for your dog. >> we want the pet to enjoy the family activities with everyone else. >> $130 is not available quite yet but that price will include the cell phone service needed to update your pets location. there are no additional fees. technology, helping to keep your pet safe. kirk yanqui, fox 31 denver. >> you never want to lose her dog. key evidence in a sexist assault of the case this. >> ahead in your only local news at 5:00 when the alleged victim says the judge's latest ruling in the case has left are still searching for justice. anyone who drives especially those looking to put tires on the car. problem solvers explain how to crack with her code.
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chris it gets dismissed, then he gets his record sealed, it's like it never happen. >> a young woman furious after the man arrested for secretly videotaping her in a restroom gets the case sealed. it's a follow-up to a -- the missing evidence forced the


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